Oral vs. Spinal Maintenance

Oral and spinal maintenance can make a big difference!Most people think it would be completely crazy to never see your dentist for cleanings and maintenance to prevent cavities and decay.  Then is it crazy to have your spine, which houses THE MOST IMPORTANT life source within you–your spinal cord–which controls everything in your entire body, checked routinely for misalignments?!  We think not.

Your health care is ultimately your choice.  We make recommendations specific to each person to keep your spine as healthy as possible throughout your life and prevent or slow spinal decay, similar to the dental model of tooth decay.

You brush and floss daily.  You get your six-month or three month teeth cleanings.  Every so often you get X-rays, fluoride treatments and other procedures based off your current oral health and your dentist’s recommendations.  We too look at each person’s unique spinal health, alignment, posture, daily activities and history of injury.  From there, we recommend exercises specific for you, and we recommend the proper time interval in between your chiropractic maintenance appointments.

Arthritis and spinal disorders are the #1 and #2 causes of disability in the United States.  A chiropractic maintenance program is one of the best health investments you can make.