Panic! Your Body Needs to Detox.

Detox.  It’s a concept that is somewhat self-explanatory, but yet so much more complex than most people think it is.

What is it not?  A detox program is not a “bowel cleanse” or a calorie-restricted plan.  It is not a juice fast.

What is it?  A detox program is a complete, whole-body program that uses healthy foods, medical foods and supplements to pull stored toxins out of tissues, improve the function of your liver to break down those toxins more efficiently and get your kidneys and bowels to eliminate the toxins.

Toxins accumulate in your body, especially in built-up fat cells, and include chemicals, heavy metals and other unnecessary junk from processed foods, pesticides and medications that we ingest, polluted air we breathe and even cleaning products and personal care products that we use around the house.  Toxins can build up to become a contributing factor to some chronic diseases, fibromyalgia, our mood, cognition, behavior, energy levels, neurological problems, thyroid disorders, sleep problems, chronic infection, unnecessary weight gain and much more!

What can you do?  (1) Reduce your exposure to toxins and make healthy lifestyle choices.  (2) Regular physician-supervised detox programs.

Our detox program is science-based, clinically tested, individualized for you and includes medical foods and supplements specific for detoxification, as well as physician-supervised dietary modifications.

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Keeping your health in line,


Dr. Tyler Skibba, DC, CCEP