Healthy Aging Tips

People are living longer these days.  40,000 Americans are 100 or older!  It’s the fastest-growing sub-population of the elderly.  In 2050, census projections estimate 1 million Americans will celebrate their 100th birthdays!

With long life comes challenges, mental and physical.  Every day, we see the affects of aging in our clinic, the biggest neglect being our spines.

If our spine was located on our face, everyone would take better care of it.  It’s time for you to start thinking about what it means for you, your children and your grandchildren to live a very long time!

1. See a chiropractor regularly to slow the progression of arthritis, which is nothing more than abnormal wear and tear and degeneration of our joints.

2. Think positively.  It can add life to your years and years to your life, not to mention improving your immune and cardiovascular health.

3. Stimulate your mind socially and educationally.  Keep reading, and get together with friends routinely to play cards or other games.

4. Exercise regularly.  A 30-minute walk, swim, bike, hike or jog will do the trick.  However, recent studies indicate that 10-20 minute high-intensity burst exercises yield even better results for losing weight, controlling glucose levels and lowering blood pressure.  Google tabata.

5. Get your regular healthcare exams.  Get in for your routine medical, eye, dental, chiropractic and other exams.  It can save you the agony of catching problems when they are out of control and difficult to fix.

6. Eat & drink healthy, and take supplements that reduce the effects of aging.

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